Proposed change in AGU bylaws


  • Anonymous


On May 27, 1979, the AGU Council approved a change in bylaw 11. In accordance with article 12b of the statutes, which requires proposed amendments to the bylaws to be published in an AGU publication of general circulation no less than 30 days prior to action at a succeeding council meeting, the current bylaw 11 is shown below in its entirety. The proposed amendment, if adopted, would delete the entire second paragraph. 11. Standing Committees shall be: Statutes and Bylaws; Membership; Nominations; Budget and Finance; Publications Fellows and International Participation. The Committee on International Participation shall consist of the Foreign Secretary (who shall be Chairman of the Committee), the President of the Union, the President-elect of the Union, the retiring President of the Union, the General Secretary, the Executive Director, the principal U.S. Officers of the IUGG, and six additional persons who are eminent geophysicists with knowledge and background in international organization and cooperation and who shall serve for a term identical with that of the Foreign Secretary. The Committee shall develop AGU policy, subject to Council approval, concerning Union participation in the United States National Committee for the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics and concerning the relationship of the Union with international scientific societies whose objects pertain to geophysics.