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Fall Meeting Fun Run



This letter has two purposes: (1) to thank the committee in charge of last year's Fall AGU Fun Run for a well organized and most enjoyable race, and (2) to issue a challenge that will assure that the event is run again this year, and, hopefully becomes a recurring annual AGU institution.

Last year's race at Lake Merced, on the Sunday preceding the Fall Meeting, was a great and unqualified success. Race officials (must notably race-director/starter/timekeeper Bob Kovach) deserve every praise for providing the specific remedy for jet lag and the best possible preventative tonic for the darkened meeting rooms, obscure slides, and strong drink that lay ahead. Despite the newness of the event, several score of normally torpid theoretical geophysicists turned out to blink in the sun and follow a half-dozen lean and sunbronzed paleomagnetists around the sparkling waters of Lake Merced in the inaugural of a sporting event that may never drive the Boston Marathon off the pages of Runner's World but nevertheless would have provided excellent footage for several prime-time TV shows. More runners would have showed up, we understand, but for the inability of the average oceanographer, tectonophysicist, or seismologist to find the site.