Jupiter Data Analysis Program



It is recognized that the data that exist from the Voyager encounters with Jupiter constitute a national resource, and that it is necessary to conduct a program whereby Voyager and non-Voyager program scientists have an opportunity to analyze the data fully and to obtain additional or alternate interpretations of the data.

This is the purpose of a recent announcement by the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) to support ‘data analysis’ of the results of the Voyager encounter with Jupiter. The closest approach dates at Jupiter were March 5,1979, for Voyager 1 and July 9, 1979, for Voyager 2. During the 100 plus days of each encounter period, a substantial volume of data was acquired in each of the principal investigation domains: the planet Jupiter itself, the satellites, and the Jovian magnetosphere. The 11 instrument-related investigations are listed in the table shown.