I must take exception to a remark by President Cox in his editorial on the U.S. Report to the IUGG in the November 30, 1979, issue of EOS. After pointing out the responsibility of the AGU for this report, and then stressing the developing of the AGU into an international society, he states ‘So the fact that this Quadrennial Report does not just record U.S. achievements is very much a reflection of the fact that the AGU is no longer just a national organization.’

The authors of the individual contributions to the report received the following charge from the report's editor-in-chief: ‘Non-U.S. work should be mentioned when it defines the context of contributions in the U.S.’ Neither this statement, nor the report itself, justify the implication in the editorial remark. The report, as the heading of the editorial itself plainly affirms, is the U.S. report, not the AGU report.