Open letter to the volcanology, geochemistry and petrology section



As incoming president-elect of this section, I welcome suggestions from members. Because of the strong overlap of interests with those of the Geological Society of America, Geochemical Society, Meteoritical Society, and Mineralogical Society of America, I am particularly interested in maintaining appropriate coordination. Ideas for themes of sessions at the annual meetings would be welcome, along with offers of help in organization. I am concerned about the high costs of meetings but suspect that there is no way of cutting costs except to go to a state university and use dormitory facilities. Any ideas about locations for meetings would be useful for discussion. There is considerable duplication of papers given at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference and the American Geophysical Union meetings. Should there be discussion about combining the LPSC with the AGU Spring Meeting? Can research budgets continue to cover the approximately $1000 needed for two conferences? Is any member concerned about publications? Even in the best run organizations there can be administrative problems; do you have any concerns? If you would like to nominate anyone for an award, please send appropriate information. Thank you.