New GRL editor


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Robert E. Riecker, 44, of Los Alamos, New Mexico, became the editor of Geophysical Research Letters this past November. He is program manager for basic energy geosciences, Geosciences Division, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. His current work involves theoretical, experimental, and field work so as to determine physical and mechanical properties and modes of deformation of rocks, minerals, and solids under geophysically realistic conditions of high pressure and temperature, with the goal of gaining insight into tectonophysical manifestations within the earth.

He currently works within the Program Management Group of the Geosciences Division. Present activities of the group include program management, technology transfer, technical writing, technical liaison with industry, interaction with educational institutions, and support of Department of Energy headquarters. At present, he gives special emphasis to program development. New programs, programs too small to warrant a group, and programs of small duration are handled in the group. Members of the group act as consultants and advisors to the division office, groups within the Geosciences Division and other divisions of Los Alamos laboratories, and outside agencies.