When William C. Ackermann retired as chief of the Illinois State Water Survey last November to become adjunct professor of civil engineering, he had devoted 44 years to hydrology. During that time he had achieved national and international recognition for his expertise and outstanding leadership in research, planning, and management of water resources. Now he is sharing his rich storehouse of knowledge with students at the University of Illinois.

In a field that has produced many giants, Bill Ackermann's achievements stand apart because of his wide diversity of interests. Equipped with his engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin, he spent 19 years in the Water Control Planning Department of the Tennessee Valley Authority, where he was concerned with water resources research, planning, and operations. This was followed by 2 years as head of the Watershed Hydrology Section of the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. During this period, he was responsible for a nationwide program of research in soil and water.