James B. Macelwane Award: Citation and Acceptance of Norman H. Sleep


  • Robert Geller,

  • Amos Nur,

  • George Thompson


Tonight we are honoring Norm Sleep as one of the outstanding young solid earth geophysicists. However, he is our colleague at Stanford University because of a phenomenon of atmospheric, rather than solid earth, geophysics. This phenomenon is the great Chicago snowstorm of January 1979. Norm, a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, was happily ensconced at Northwestern University, until our letter, inviting him to join us in California, arrived right after the worst Midwest blizzard in 10 years. Norm's career epitomizes the AGU motto, ‘unselfish cooperation in research.’ In addition to his many publications, he has contributed his expertise unstintingly to projects that range from seismology to field geology.