New co-editor of GRL


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Douglas G. Torr, 40, of Logan, Utah, became editor of Geophysical Research Letters for the disciplines of atmospheric and space science as of January 1, 1980. He is currently professor of physics at Utah State University, where he is involved primarily in NASA-and NSF-funded programs to study the upper atmosphere. His interests range from magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling to the chemistry and dynamics of the stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere.

Torr is principal investigator on two NASA experiments designed to study the effects of trace constituents on the atmosphere by satellite remote sensing techniques. He is also principal investigator on an NSF-funded experiment to conduct similar measurements from the ground. He is co-investigator on several Spacelab experiments, including the Imaging Spectrometric Observatory for Spacelab 1 and the High-Resolution Doppler Imager, which will measure atmospheric winds.