Proposed change in the AGU bylaws


  • Anonymous


On May 22, 1980, the AGU Council approved for the first time a change in Bylaw 22. In accordance with Article 12b of the Statutes, proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be published in an AGU publication of general circulation no less than 30 days prior to the second consideration by the Council. The current Bylaw 22 is shown below in its entirety, followed by the Council's recommended change.

The General Secretary, in accordance with the instructions of the Council of the Union, shall sign checks on the accounts of the American Geophysical Union and shall provide a surety bond in a sum set by the Council of the Union and at the expense of the Union, for funds of the Union under his control. If the General Secretary is absent or incapacitated, the President or, if he is absent or incapacitated, the President-elect, shall sign checks against the Union accounts. The General Secretary may delegate the authority to sign checks against the accounts of the Union. The President, the President-elect, and others with the authority to sign checks shall furnish surety bonds in the same manner and amount as the General Secretary.