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Vigorous geophysical exploration programs to locate petroleum, natural gas, and coal will be high priority for the next 30 years if the recommendations of a National Academy of Science committee are followed. NAS's Committee on Nuclear and Alternative Energy Systems (Conaes) published its 4-year, $4.1-million report, ‘Energy in Transition: 1985–2010,’ in March 1980 (EOS, 2/19/80).…The American Geological Institute, the Bureau de Rechérches Geologiques et Minteres, and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique agreed to pool their resources to compile a common geological bibliographic data base (8/5/80) In 1979, the Journal of Geophysical Research and Water Resources Research together contained over 10,000 pages, more than 30% above the previous high for a single year…. The last total solar eclipse visible in North America this century occurred February 26, 1979 (2/13/79)…. The oldest organisms yet discovered were probably advanced enough on the evolutionary scale to have manufactured their own food. The microorganisms were discovered in the Warrawoona group of western Australia (8/12/80) AGU celebrated its 60th anniversary at the 1979 Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C., May 28–June 1. …The Zurich Relative Sunspot Numbers, one of the oldest continuous series of astronomical data, will cease to be collected at the end of 1980 (4/15/80).