Water resources of the People's Republic of China



At the invitation of the Society of Hydraulic Engineers of the People's Republic of China (PRC), a delegation of U.S. hydrologists and hydraulic engineers visited the PRC in the fall of 1978.* From discussions with officials of both the Society and the Ministry of Water Conservancy and Power (MWCP), and from visits to research and academic institutions and water projects, the delegation gained a general understanding of the country's surface water resources. The reported statistics, supplemented with others from published sources, provide a quantitative description of the PRC's water resources in relation to those of the United States.

Recent government reorganization has led to the division of the MWCP into two ministries: one responsible for water conservancy, the other for power. However, in the following discussions, reference is made to the MWCP. Chinese spellings follow the more familiar Wade-Giles system rather than the official Pinyin system recently adopted by the PRC.