Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union

Late charges


  • C. T. Russel


Recently I received notification that two of my abstracts for the Fall AGU Meeting had been assessed late charges, despite the fact that I had personally mailed them several days before the deadline. I do not believe the AGU should assess penalties based on receipt. This penalizes individuals on the basis of the failings of the Postal Service. Since the AGU receives a large number of abstracts, it should be able to gear its operation to the dispersive flow of mail across the country that causes a small percentage of the mail to arrive after weeks rather than days. Is the submittal of abstracts supposed to be a game of roulette in which 5% of the time we are $25 losers? Or should the membership submit all their abstracts in July to meet the September due date? The IRS doesn't do this, and the IRS is an organization devoted to raising money. The AGU is an organization that is supposed to serve its membership. Rather than encourage this stupidity by honoring the late charge, I am refusing to pay this assessment. I trust that in future the AGU will realize its folly and institute a more sensible system, i.e., one that is based on the date of postmark rather than arrival.