1980 Midwest Meeting



The sixth annual Midwest AGU Meeting was held at Holmes Center, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, on September 18 and 19,1980. Over 200 registrants presented 95 papers in 12 sessions: Isotope Studies of Hydrologic Processes, chaired by E. C. Perry, Jr., and C. W. Montgomery, Northern Illinois University; Petrology and Geochemistry, chaired by J. Berg, Northern Illinois University; Late Precambrian Magmatism, chaired by J . Berg and M. G. Mudrey, Jr., Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey; Midwest Coal Hydrology, D. E. Lindorff, Illinois State Geological Survey, and T. Naymik, Illinois State Water Survey; Hydrology, D. E. Lindorff; General Geophysics, C. P. Ervin, Northern Illinois University; Tectonics of the Transantarctic Mountains, P. N. Webb, Northern Illinois University; Northern Illinois Deep Drill Hole, B. Haimson, University of Wisconsin, and W. J. Hinze, Purdue University; Rift Tectonics in the Mississippi Embayment, T. C. Buschbach, Saint Louis University; Geology and Tectonics of the Pre-Mt. Simon Clastics in the Midcontinent, W. J. Hinze and E. G. Lidiak, University of Pittsburgh; Paleozoic Paleomagnetism of the Midcontinent, V. A. Schmidt, University of Pittsburgh; Midcontinent Seismology, O. W. Nuttli, Saint Louis University.

The general session was opened with a welcoming address by James D. Norris, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Jack Simon, chief of the Illinois State Geological Survey, described the role of the Survey during its first 75 years and went on to discuss its future responsibilities in an after dinner speech on Thursday evening.