Antarctic Meteorite Symposium



The Sixth Antarctic Meteorite Symposium was held in Tokyo, Japan, February 19 and 20. Sponsored by the National Institute of Polar Research, the symposium brought Japanese scientists together with several Americans and two Chinese to discuss current research on meteorites, emphasizing research on meteorites collected in Antarctica. The symposium, now an annual event, owes its origin to the recent success of Japanese polar scientists in collecting large numbers of meteorite specimens in the Yamato Mountains, a program now successfully emulated by U.S. parties to the Allan Hills and adjacent regions.

Forty-seven papers were delivered orally, primarily in Japanese (the abstract volume was printed in English), on subjects that included location, field collection, and curation of specimens (6); classification and description of meteorites from Yamato Mountains and Allan Hills (14); mineralogical and petrological studies (8); chemical and isotopic studies (8); exposure ages and terrestrial ages of Antarctic meteorites (3); magnetic and other physical properties (5); and Chinese meteorites (3).