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Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union

Aeromagnetic survey of Kansas



An aeromagnetic survey of Kansas, conducted by the Kansas Geological Survey during the past 5 years, has been completed. The total intensity magnetic field contour map, along with spectrally filtered versions, reveals largescale magnetic patterns, which we correlate with basement composition and paleotectonics.

A second vertical derivative map clearly demonstrates that the southern part of the Proterozoic Central North American Rift System (CNARS) does not terminate in central Kansas but continues along a southwestern trend to at least the Oklahoma border. Some of the current seismicity within the state appears to be correlated with reactivated faults within the CNARS.

Apparent in northeastern Kansas is the presence of numerous highly magnetic shallow granitic plutons, known from drilling to be approximately 1350 m.y. old, embedded within the older, 1600—1700-m.y.-old mesozonal granitic crust.

The total intensity magnetic field map reveals a series of magnetic lows trending approximately east-west across the state. These may correspond to a paleoplate boundary between the older granitic terrane to the north and the younger, 1400-m.y. rhyolitic and epizonal granitic terrane to the south.

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