Crustal Deformation Observatory



Under the joint direction of the University of California at Los Angeles and San Diego, the Crustal Deformation Observatory project at Pinyon Flat, California, has completed its first year. The overall aim of this project, sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey, is to evaluate and improve instrumentation for measuring long-period (days to years) crustal deformation in a technically active area. This research is being conducted at Piñon Flat Observatory by operating an array of differing instruments, each capable of resolving the signals generated by stresses associated with the San Jacinto and San Andreas fault zones. At this time there are 11 institutions involved, some on an informal basis, utilizing techniques ranging from NASA's project ARIES to Carnegie Institute's deep borehole strainmeters. Particular emphasis has been placed on establishing the coherence between different methods of long-baselength (500 m) tilt measurements.