An investment in AGU—A comment from a federal scientist



In our country, progress in the geophysical sciences has been closely interwoven with progress of the many geophysical activities within the federal government. Substantial numbers of geophysicists traditionally have found their life's work in the ranks of the federal service, where they pursue scientific advancement in their field of work, in laboratory research, and in the management of geophysical science programs.

To this large body of scientists the American Geophysical Union has always been a helpful and needed scientific organization. Access to high-quality journals is undoubtedly 1985 the most useful and cherished AGU benefit provided to the federal employees. Next in importance may be the many, many benefits that come by participation in the AGU scientific meetings. This is followed by opportunities afforded federal scientists to serve in policy and administrative roles on the committees and council of the Union. These AGU benefits, and many more not enumerated here, can bring an abundance of national recognition, intellectual maturity, and self-esteem to federal scientists, thus encouraging us to become better scientists and more proficient employees.