Citations are supposed to begin with a statement of the sort ‘It is an honor and a pleasure for me to introduce…;’ however, in the case of Tom Donahue I do not think that I have to introduce him, since most everyone here this evening already knows him. His 30-plus-year career spans a very broad field of scientific endeavors as well as numerous institutions. We at Michigan are lucky to have had him with us since 1974. He has made his lasting mark in the field of aeronomy through his publications, which number over 140, his many graduate students, postdocs, and colleagues who have had the good fortune to have worked with him. Sydney Chapman must have been thinking of someone like Tom Donahue when he coined the word aeronomy. Tom was born in Oklahoma, receive his B.A. from Rockhurst College in Kansas City and his Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University in 1947. Perhaps it is appropriate that he is now receiving the Fleming Award here in Baltimore, where his professional career began. His deep lifelong involvement in solar system studies really began when he moved to The University of Pittsburgh in 1951, and he has been going full steam ever since.