ISEE 3 in real time: An update



In the October 9, 1979 issue of Eos, Tsurutani and Baker [1979] expressed the tangible benefits of obtaining selected interplanetary data from the ISEE 3 spacecraft in real time. As shown in Figure 1, reproduced from Tsurutani and Baker, ISEE 3 is positioned between the earth and the sun in a halo orbit about the sun-Earth libration point. This location is well suited to provide advanced warning of the onset of geomagnetic disturbances. Although the data were not originally intended for real-time use, NOAA and NASA began to cooperate early in 1979 to solve the technical and administrative problems requisite to acquiring the raw data before editing and transmission to the experimenters. In March 1980 the data stream began arriving at the Space Environment Services Center (SESC), Boulder, Colorado. Daily data coverage varies but averages near 80%. The data are now being routinely used to support SESC military and civilian customers and the scientific community at large.