NOAA starts oceanographpy publication


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A new NOAA publication entitled Oceanographic Monthly Summary began in January. The publication, edited by Steve Auer, replaced two other NOAA periodicals, Gulfstream and Fishing Information, and it will attempt to disseminate the monthly oceanographic information in a more timely and efficient manner than did the other two publications.

Oceanographic Monthly Summary contains 15 sea surface temperature (SST) analyses, 3 oceanographic thermal feature analyses, and a Bering Sea/North Slope ice analysis. The SST analyses include monthly means, anomalies, and yearly changes for the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the Gulf of Mexico in both 2 and 1 degrees latitude/longitude scales. The ocean feature analyses show and describe the monthly activity of the Gulf Stream system and its associated eddies for the northwest Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico aswell as other observed thermal features for the western U.S. coast. The Bering Sea/North Slope ice analysis describes sea ice age, thickness, and coverage for the region.

The National Weather Service and the National Earth Satellite Service jointly sponsor the publication.