Earth Science Ph.D.'s increasing


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The number of doctorates awarded by United States universities in fiscal 1980 in the earth, environmental, and marine sciences (EEMS) rose slightly over 1978s figure, while the total number of doctorates awarded in all fields slipped, according to a recent report by the National Research Council's Commission on Human Resources. Solid-earth geophysicists and oceanographers together constituted nearly 25% of the 628 EEMS doctorates conferred in 1980; 10% went to women and nearly 13% went to foreign students with temporary visas.

Doctorates awarded in the U.S. in all fields grew steadily from 1960 to 1973, then decreased during the following 5 years; 1979 saw a slight rise, but the trend toward fewer doctorates continued in 1980 when the number of doctorates slid 0.8% to 30,892, according to the ‘Summary Report: 1980 Doctorate Recipients from United States Universities.’ Meanwhile, the number of EEMS doctorates has risen steadily since 1962, with the exception of a 3% dip between 1976 and 1978.