Promoting interdisciplinary efforts not new



Since AGU is attempting to encourage more cooperation between the branches of oceanography, I thought readers may be interested in the following quote from a paper by Columbus Iselin [Some physical factors which may influence the productivity of New England's coastal waters, J. Mar. Res., 2, 74–85, 1939]:

Of recent years physical oceanographers have gradually gained a more satisfactory understanding of the circulation problem. While it is true that most of this advance has resulted from studying the deep, ocean currents, nevertheless, the new principles also can be applied to the more difficult conditions found near the coast. More and more the physical investigators are working independently from the marine biologists. It is hoped that the following discussion of factors causing variations in the temperature and salinity of coastal waters off New England will demonstrate the biological significance of some of the modern physical investigations, and also perhaps help to bring the two branches of oceanography closer together again.