Update on NAS


  • Anonymous


With the approval of the governing bodies of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), the first phase of a major reorganization of the National Research Council [Eos, March 16, p. 194] is well underway. As part of the reorganization—which consolidates seven existing assemblies and commissions into three commissions, two offices, and an independent board—the new Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Resources will combine the activities of the former Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (AMPS) and the former Commission on Natural Resources (CNR).

Herbert Friedman and Robert M. White, chairman of the assembly and of the commission, respectively, will cochair the new commission for 1 year. Charles K. Reed, executive director of the former assembly, is retiring but will serve as senior advisor to help establish the new commission and will serve as a member of the commission through June 1983. Raphael G. Kasper, executive secretary of the Environmental Studies Board, will be the commission's acting executive director.