Joint AGU/ASLO Ocean Sciences '82 Meeting



Many of the biological oceanographers within ASLO have long felt a need for greater interaction, via interdisciplinary meetings, with their counterparts in physical, chemical, and geological aspects of oceanography. Biological oceanography and marine biology, as disciplines, have many interfaces with other fields, especially limnology, evolution, terrestrial ecology, physiology and biochemistry, and fisheries, as well as those represented in AGU.

Historically, the Limnological Society of America and Oceanographic Society of the Pacific fused in 1948 in part to bridge one of these principal interfaces. Most ASLO members belong to one or more additional societies, such as the Ecological Society of America, the American Society of Plant Physiology, the American Society of Zoologists, etc. In addition, many belong to regional groups and societies with interest centered on specific taxonomic groups of organisms, such as the Phycological Society of America.