Salinity tables



The National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) is soliciting the cooperation of and comments from the physical oceanography community in the implementation of the new internationally recommended Practical Salinity Scale and International Equation of State of Seawater.

The international organizations that fostered development of the new salinity scale and the new equation of state of seawater recommended that all oceanographers and oceanographic data centers begin this past January to use the new procedures, formulas, and tables. As NODC confronts the need to adapt its data processing and archiving operations to the new equations, it is important that all researchers who submit data to NODC clearly state in the accompanying documentation whether the data are based on the old or new systems. In addition, NODC would appreciate receiving letters from physical oceanographers indicating when they plan to begin to use the new system and how rapidly they expect the new system will be adopted throughout the oceanographic community. Address comments to Edward L. Ridley, Director, NODC, NOAA/EDIS OA/D7, Washington, DC 20235.