Why are Brazilian stone meteorites interesting and worthy of their own volume? Before the investigations reported in this volume, many had been poorly described, but, more significantly, several are unique and their proper description is important for the development of ideas on the origin and evolution of all meteorites.

Twenty-one meteorites are described. The most significant and important are the achondrites Angra dos Reis, Governador Valadares, Ibitira, and Serra de Mage. These four require 31 pages of text compared with 62 pages for 17 ordinary chondrites. Descriptions for the ordinary chondrites include mineralogic, petrographic, electron microprobe, and bulk chemical studies. In the case of the achondrites age dating, trace element geochemistry and other data are included. These data are from the authors and other investigators. The location of available material in museums and collections is recorded for each meteorite.