DGG establishes History Working Group


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The German Geophysical Society (Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft) now has a working group on the history of geophysics (chairman, W. Kertz; secretary, W. Schröder). There are three distinct areas of interest in the history of geophysics: (a) classical history of geophysics, (b) contemporary history, and (c) data preservation. The working group has decided to start a newsletter, organize a bibliography of German scientists in meteorology and geophysics, and hold sessions on the history of geophysics during annual meetings of the German Geophysical Society. The working group will sponsor a historical session at the annual meeting o the society in March 1983, in Aachen, Federal Republic of Germany. For further information, contact the secretary of the working group for the history of geophysics: Wilfried Schröder, Hechelstrasse 8, D-2820 Bremen-Roennebeck, Federal Republic of Germany.