1982 Maurice Ewing Medalist


  • Manik Talwani


It is a pleasure to present the citation for this year's Maurice Ewing medalist, John Ewing.

John was born in Texas and completed his early education there. During or shortly after high school, he spent 1 year working on a farm. Working on a farm included tinkering with tractors, automobiles, and various other machines. John has told me that this one year of fooling around with machines gave him better training in instrumentation than he subsequently obtained at more hallowed institutions, such as Harvard, where he obtained a B.S. degree in physics. John subsequently took some graduate courses at Columbia. At Columbia a course in mathematics for physics students (which was a disguised course in applied quantum mechanics) had to compete for John's attention with adventures at sea with Maurice Ewing. Adventures at sea won out. Joining John in his march out of graduate school were a number of others who went on to become illustrious scientists.