Methods of Field Geology



F. Moseley's book on field geology is one of the first books on the subject at the level of sophistication of upper-level undergraduates to appear on the geological scene since Robert Compton's book, Manual of Field Geology, in 1967. Moseley's book does not serve the same audience as Compton's, and the author makes it very clear in the introduction that his book complements Compton's textbook. It is this very approach that makes it somewhat difficult for me, a field geologist, to understand how Moseley's text will serve as a basic text in a curriculum. Quite clearly, it must serve as a second book in a general field course or as the basis for a more advanced course in the subject. The real value of this text is its emphasis on the range of field ability that must be within the capacity of the field investigator which is illustrated by ten case histories. This versatility is not emphasized in standard texts and, as such, represents a very substantial contribution to our teaching literature.