1982 James B. Macelwane Awards to Rafael Luis Bras, Donald W. Forsyth, and Steven C. Wofsy


  • Peter S. Engelson,

  • Robert S. Detrick


In 1975 a past Macelwane recipient, Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe, was leaving the M.I.T. faculty to return to Venezuela. It was my unhappy task as the (then) department head to find his replacement in the awakening field of stochastic hydrology. Ignacio assured me that the problem was solved. He had a young Ph.D. student named Rafael Bras who would make us forget all about Rodriguez-Iturbe!

Today, just 5 years after his mentor received this award, we honor Rafael Luis Bras with the 1982 James B. Macelwane Award.