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Robert R. Bennett memorial to GIFT fund


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The many personal friends, colleagues, and professional associates of the late Robert R. Bennett have joined in establishing a memorial in his honor. In recognition of his vigorous support of the American Geophysical Union, they have contributed in his memory to AGU's ‘Girding for Tomorrow’ program. His name will be inscribed on a list of honorees that will be displayed on a plaque in the AGU headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Bennett, who received his M.S. in geology from the University of Nebraska in 1939, formerly directed groundwater research in the Water Resources Division of the U.S. Geological Survey. He was nationally and internationally recognized as an outstanding scientist in hydrogeology and groundwater hydrology. He was a pioneer authority in the development and application of analog- and digital-computer simulations that aid in the analysis and prediction of the responses of highly complex aquifer systems to stresses imposed by man's development and utilization. He conducted basic research in petrophysics to define the fundamental principles governing permeability distribution and its directional characteristics and to elucidate the manner in which the permeability factor controls the movement of water in aquifer systems. He tested the applicability of the concepts he developed with prototype studies of the Ten-sleep sandstone in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming and of the Carrizo sandstone in the Coastal Plain of Texas.