Modern Igneous Petrology



Mohan K. Sood prefaces Modern Igneous Petrology by stating that his objective is to facilitate the understanding of the application of phase equilibrium data to the crystallization and evolution of magmas. He states that the book may be valuable as either a reference or source text or as a text for courses in igneous petrology for undergraduate and graduate students. A review of recent literature and extensive references are promised the reader.

There are eight chapters in the book. The presentation is theme-oriented and progresses from discussion of phase equilibrium in simple binary systems to those in complex synthetic and natural systems. The Introduction is intended to be ‘an overview of the igneous process and the state of the art of experimental petrology.’ Chapters 2 and 3, comprising in excess of one half of the book in extent, detail anhydrous silicate systems at 1-atm bearing on mafic magmas and residual alkaline magmas, respectively. The following four chapters deal in a perfunctory manner with silicate systems containing volatiles, volatile solubilities in silicate melts, melting relations of rocks, and the genesis of magmas. Chapter 8 summarizes the conclusions.