The Geological Sciences in the Antebellum South



This book was written for teachers and other scholars. An excerpt from Corgan's introduction gracefully places a new burden on the backs of those of us who fall into these categories. ‘…People of the nonscientific culture normally keep the records of civilization, for this group includes the historians, who control what posterity learns. Typically historians study just part of civilization and they emphasize the part they find most interesting: the nonscientific culture in which they are personally involved. … In studies of southern history, the individual scientific fields and science as a whole seem to suffer from systematic oversight. At a minimum they have not been overstudied. Yet science is deeply integrated into contemporary southern culture. … A dearth of contemporary scholarship should enhance the value of the present volume.’ Obviously, teachers and scholars should understand that there is now a tool available and ready to be used. Let's look at it.