AGU announces 15,000th member


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AGU's membership topped 15,000 in September. James Philip McPhee was elected the 15,000th member. McPhee is a student at Purdue University. His thesis research is in seismotectonic interpretation of the gravity and magnetic data from the Anna, Ohio seismic area. This research includes the data acquisition, reduction, and enhancement of potential field data and the modeling and interpretation of basement features in relation to the Grenville Front in Ohio and a midcontinent rift complex. He has designed and conducted an extensive gravity survey in northeastern Indiana and northwestern Ohio. During his graduate research assistantship, he has participated in investigations of potential seismic hazards related to the northeast extension of the New Madrid Fault Zone; research of seismic wave propagation from coal mine blasts; the planning and deployment of portable seismographs in and around the AMAX Wright Coal Mine in Indiana; the digitization of National Uranium Resource Evaluation aeronomagnetic profiles; and the compilation of total magnetic intensity anomaly maps.