Committee on history reorganizes


  • Since AGU's Committee on the History of Geophysics (CHG) was appointed, a little over half a year ago, it has worked to identify activities appropriate to its goals and to solicit participation of AGU members and other individuals. These efforts were fruitful: although there remain many areas where CHG still has to decide on its approach (e.g., collaboration with academic historians, archiving and recording of history), several important tasks now appear rather clearly outlined. It is the intent of CHG to delegate such tasks to subcommittees, and to grant these subcommittees a large measure of individual initiative. It can hardly be otherwise: the operation has become too large to be run in an ad hoc fashion. Furthermore, the diversity of AGU requires that certain tasks be handled not by a single person but as a joint effort by representatives of different sections. The committee intends for the subcommittees to refer back to the rest of CHG on matters of general concern and to keep CHG informed about their plans and about the current status of planned activities, but that they will not involve the rest of the organization in day-today details.

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