A National Research Council committee formally added its name to the growing roster of those who endorse the conversion of the Glomar Explorer to a drill ship that would replace the Glomar Challenger as the pillar of scientific ocean drilling in the proposed Advanced Ocean Drilling program (AOD).

With its final report, ‘Options for Scientific Ocean Drilling,’ the Committee on Ocean Drilling of the Geological Sciences Board joins, among others, the National Science Board (Eos, April 6, 1982, p. 219) and the Conference on Scientific Ocean Drilling (COSOD) (Eos, December 22, 1981, p. 1197) in urging continued scientific ocean drilling using the former CIA salvage ship Explorer. (The committee's interim report also had backed the program.) AOD, an extension of the Deep Sea Drilling Program carried out with the Challenger, would be supported in part through the Office of Scientific Ocean Drilling in the National Science Foundation (NSF).