The 98th Congress and science



Many supporters of science were reelected in the November 2 congressional elections, but several key people will not return for another term. Although some reassignments will be made for the 98th Congress, which convenes in early January, there are sure to be some familiar faces on the major committees of both houses concerned with the earth sciences.

All but eight of the incumbents on the House Science and Technology Committee will return. Don Fuqua (D.-Fla.) will return as chairman, Doug Walgren (D.-Pa.) is expected to continue as chairman of the Science, Research, and Technology Subcommittee, and Ronnie Flippo (D.-Ala.) is likely to retain the chairmanship of the Space Science and Applications Subcommittee. California Rep. George E. Brown (D), well known for his staunch science support, is also returning for another term.