Schubert edits JGR-Red



‘As editor, my major concern will be to maintain and strengthen the Journal of Geophysical Research's position as the preeminent journal in solid earth and solid planet geophysics,’ asserted Gerald Schubert, the new editor of the red section of JGR. ‘I will endeavor to ensure that all major subject areas covered by JGR-Red are adequately represented among the published papers.’ Schubert, professor of geophysics and planetary physics at the University of California, Los Angeles, officially begins his 4-year term as editor on December 1, although he has been receiving manuscripts since October 1.

The new editor brings to JGR enthusiasm and dedication. ‘I will try to make it the type of journal that the readers want it to be in terms of both rapid publication time and publication of the best papers.’ He expects to continue the traditions that his predecessor, Thomas J . Ahrens, has established. In particular, Schubert wants to continue publishing special issues that focus on specific research topics. He welcomes suggestions for such issues from the research community.