The collection of new meteorite specimens from Antarctica has commanded the attention of interested scientists for the past decade. Meteorites have been collected in large numbers by Japanese exploration teams in the Yamato Mountains, East Antarctica region. The first meteorites were discovered there in 1969. Expeditions in 1973, 1974, 1975–1976, and 1979–1980 have added over 4000 meteorites to the National Institute of Polar Research Collection. Another 700 were added in 1976 through 1979 by joint Japan-United States teams in the Transantarctic Mountains, South Victoria Land. It should be noted that when meteoroids fall, they usually break up into many pieces. It has not been established how many individual falls make up this large collection of individuals. The Photographic Catalog of the Selected Antarctic Meteorites contains 178 photographs of 134 meteorites selected from the NIPR Collection. The majority of the photographs are of whole or broken stones in the condition they were found on the ice. Some photographs show cut or broken faces made during the sampling of the meteorites for investigation. A brief description of the specimen is included with each photograph. The publishers hope that these photographs and hand-specimen descriptions will be helpful in guiding detailed petrologic, chemical, and physical studies in the future.