Continental scientific drilling at Long Valley-Mono Craters



Deep drilling is an important means of exploring the structure and conditions within continental crust. It is recognized as an important tool in understanding the structure of continental basement rocks, the nature and properties of thermal and volcanic regimes, the amount and character of mineral resources, the causes and consequences of earthquakes, and in testing geophysical interpretations based on surface and near-surface observations [U.S. Geodynamics Committee, 1979]. A major basic research program, funded principally by the Department of Energy and the U.S. Geological Survey, is now underway to assess the suitability of the Long Valley-Mono Craters volcanic complex for deep drilling under the auspices of the thermal regimes portion of the Continental Scientific Drilling Program (CSDP). Scientific investigators participating in the site assessment represent several agencies, national laboratories, and universities, as well as the private sector.