Thermodynamics of Minerals and Melts



The book, Thermodynamics of Minerals and Melts, edited by R. C. Newton, A. Navrotsky, and B . J . Wood, is volume 1 in the series Advances in Physical Geochemistry, with S. K. Saxena as series editor. The volume is divided into three parts: (1) general principles, (2) thermodynamic analysis of mineral systems, and (3) thermodynamics of melt systems. Part 1 had one paper on the derivation of J. Willard Gibbs' mathematical formulation of the combined first and second laws of thermodynamics for an open system by G. Tunell. Part 2 covers the following topics, listed with authors: thermodynamics of devolatilization reactions (T. J. B. Holland), ‘lambda’ transitions in minerals (A. B. Thompson and E. H. Perkins), crystal-field effects on thermodynamic properties of iron-bearing minerals (B.J. Wood), stable isotope geothermometry (R. N. Clayton), calculation of thermodynamic properties of minerals from natural parageneses (L. L. Perchuk, K. K. Podlesskii, and L. Y. Aranovich), thermodynamics of the garnet-plagioclase-Al2O3-quartz geobarometer (R. C. Newton and H. T. Haselton), and thermodynamics of diopside and enstatite solid solutions (D. H. Lindsley, T. E. Grover, and P. M. Davidson).