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New computer at NCAR


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Atmospheric scientists who have had to postpone analysis of their data for the lack of computer resources may not have to wait much longer. The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) has awarded a $4 million contract to Cray Research, Inc., for the installation of a second CRAY-1A computer system at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). A one-million word CRAY system will be installed at the NCAR facility in Boulder, Colo., in the second quarter of 1983, according to a Cray spokesman.

‘Machines of the capability of the CRAY-1 have made possible many important advances in the atmospheric sciences,’ said Wilmot N. Hess, NCAR director and president of the AGU Atmospheric Sciences section. ‘In the areas of climate research, oceanography, severe storms, and sun-earth relationships, both speed and memory are of critical importance. Our first CRAY-I [purchased in 1977] opened many research doors for us and our university colleagues. The second CRAY will serve many scientists who are waiting for additional resources,’ he added.