Proceedings of the Third Symposium on Polar Meteorology and Glaciology



The symposium was held on January 13–14, 1981, at the National Institute of Polar Research in Tokyo. The proceedings consist of 29 research papers. The papers are further divided into major groups of POLEXSouth, POLEX-North, Antarctic aerosols, Antarctic precipitation physics, Lidar observation, atmospheric circulation, oxygen isotopes, and glaciological studies in the Antarctica.

The first seven papers report the meteorological observations at Syowa Station (69°00′S, 39°35′E) and Mizuho Station (70°42′S, 40°20′E, 2230 m MSL, 270 km inland from Syowa Station). Two papers by Yamanouchi et al. are concerned with radiometric measurements at Syowa and column water vapor amount at Mizuho. The total precipitable water at Mizuho in summer was 0.15 g/cm2 , and some diurnal variations were observed. The seven papers mainly describe the methods and preliminary results of meteorological observations as related to the POLEX-South project. Further interpretation, statistics, and discussions of the results are left for the future. The purpose of the observations aims at studying the heat budget of the eastern Antarctica.