Council sets pace for '82–'84 action


  • Anonymous


The December 1982 meeting of the AGU Council, the first in the 1982–1984 biennium, has set a new pace. It is the first Council Meeting in the memory of any of those participating at which every Council member was present in person. This record attests to the importance Section presidents and president-elects place on their responsibilities as representatives of their sections and as members of what in effect is AGU's Board of Directors; and it is a further tribute to the value they place on AGU.

Both the Council and the AGU Executive Committee held their meetings on December 9, 1982, during the Fall Meeting in San Francisco. President Van Allen, President-elect Drake, General Secretary Meredith, Foreign Secretary Kisslinger, and Executive Director Spilhaus constitute the Executive Committee. The full Council includes the Executive Committee and the President and President-elect of each Section. At its meetings the Council usually addresses administrative matters such as budgeting, examines existing operations, and considers proposed new programs. The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Council between Council meetings; it is specifically charged with approving Chapman conferences, the cosponsorship of other meetings, and several other largely administrative actions.