Guth Theory uses Higgs Monopoles



If magnetic monopoles exist at all, they may originate from a type of quantum mechanical field called a Higgs field. Higgs fields are an essential part of certain of the grand unified theories of physics, GUTs. It is nice that the so-called GUT theories can accommodate the production of monopoles in the formational processes of the universe. It is also nice that the GUT theories of particle physics can accommodate the origin of the universe at all. In a report of December's Eleventh Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics (Science, January 28, 1983), a paper by A. H. Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology describes a new version of the ‘Big Bang—Big Crunch’ theory of the origin of the universe. Guth's theoretical model explains a number of questions raised previously about the Big Bang expansion and, in so doing, addresses the monopole question.