An unusual, high-altitude plume originating at Bennett Island (Ostrov Bennetta) (76.7°N, 149.3°E) in the high Soviet Arctic, reminiscent of a volcanic eruption, was discovered during a routine scan of NOAA-6 infrared imagery by the National Weather Service in Anchorage (Bruce Webster, personal communication, 1983). On the cover is an image acquired during satellite pass No. 18943 (NOAA-6) on February 18, 1983, at 06:15:56 UT. The plume originated over the northeastern corner of Bennett Island. The horizontal cross section over the source region is approximately 10 km and the observable length is 250 km. The fine structure of the plume's initial segment suggests the possibility of a multiple source. Three distinct puffs corresponding to separate explosions make up the distal part of the plume.