Antarctic atmosphere



The January 1983 issue of the Bulletin of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) contains information on the activities of the Working Group on Upper Atmosphere Physics that are of interest to U.S. scientists. This working group met during the 17th Meeting of SCAR held in Leningrad in July 1982. The working group noted that the southern polar region is uniquely significant in relation to the structure and dynamics of the middle atmosphere and therefore SCAR endorsed the coordinated, international Middle Atmosphere Program (MAP) in Antarctica.

With regard to Antarctic data obtained during the International Magnetospheric Study (IMS), SCAR urged scientists to initiate international, bilateral, collaborative programs to extract important new results relevant to the IMS. The Secretary of the IAGA Interdivisional Commission on Antarctic Research (T. Hirasawa, National Institute for Polar Research, Tokyo) has available tabular information on IMS Antarctic data and programs. Similar information is contained on the 1982 IMS Source Book, published by AGU.