Atmospheric instruments


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The National Science Foundation's (NSF) Division of Atmospheric Sciences is now accepting proposals requesting only specialized research equipment or instrumentation. The division, within the Directorate for Astronomical, Atmospheric, Earth, and Ocean Sciences (AAEO), aims to echo the theme of increased support for instrumentation of the NSF fiscal 1984 budget request to Congress.

Guidelines for proposals for specialized research equipment and instrumentation are the same as those for research proposals. Each potential major user should describe the research projects for which the equipment will be used. Some institutional contribution is encouraged for the equipment proposals. For additional information on the submission of instrumentation proposals, contact the specific program director in the grant programs section (see list below) or in the new Upper Atmospheric Facilities program in NSF's Centers and Facilities section (see related news item this issue). Guidelines for proposal preparation can be found in NSF publication 81–79, Grants for Scientific and Engineering Research.