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Cores of ocean-bottom sediments and other geological samples collected near and in Antarctica are available for study by qualified scientists, according to the National Science Foundation (NSF). Available are 12,900 m of piston, trigger, and phleger cores from the southern oceans; 4,200 kg of grabbed, trawled, and dredged rock specimens from 600 ship stations; and 1,150 m of drilled cores from the ice-free valleys of southern Victoria Land. Most specimens were obtained in the last 21 years.

Scientists need not have an NSF grant to obtain samples, but proposals for grant support of such studies will be considered by NSF's U.S. Antarctic Research program. For additional information, contact Dennis Cassidy, Curator, Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility and Core Library, Department of Geology, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306 (telephone: 904-644-2407).